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Experience the harmony of style and functionality, where innovative design meets practical living, tailoring each space to your unique needs and aesthetic desires.


Dedicated to quality, ensuring your space lasts longer.


Designing beauty, tailoring every detail to your taste.


Focused on comfort to make your space feel homey.

My Mission

crafting spaces that resonate with your story

My mission is to create interiors that not only exhibit elegance and style but also truly reflect your personality and lifestyle. Each design is a personal journey, transforming houses into homes that inspire.

I aim to infuse every space with a sense of warmth and uniqueness. My commitment is to blend functionality with aesthetics, ensuring your space is not just beautiful but also deeply personal and practical.

Design Solutions

capturing the essence of modern elegance

Space Planning

Maximize efficiency and flow with expert space planning, ensuring every inch of your area is utilized effectively.

Furniture Selection

Select the perfect pieces to fit your space, style, and budget, from furniture to curtains, cushions, and more.

Home Renovation

Transform your entire home with a comprehensive redesign that reflects your taste and lifestyle. Perfect for a fresh, cohesive look.

Who is Amanda?

Expertise rooted in knowledge

I began my journey in the world of design with a degree in Interior Design from UCLA. This formal education laid the groundwork for my expertise, blending the principles of art, architecture, and human psychology. I continuously update my knowledge with the latest trends and techniques.

A lifelong love affair with beauty

Design has always been more than a profession for me, it's a passion. It's not just about creating visually appealing spaces, it’s about crafting environments that enhance lives, tell stories, and make everyday living the best experience possible.

Your vision, my mission

My design philosophy centers around understanding your unique needs and vision. I believe in a collaborative approach, where your preferences, lifestyle, and personality are the guiding forces. I make sure that each space is not only beautiful and functional but also a true reflection of you.

12 Years

work experience

Over 300

completed projects


customer satisfaction

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Client Reviews

"Amanda was attentive, understanding my style and what I wanted to achieve. The transformation was incredible, turning a bland space into a cozy and stylish area that I now adore spending time in."

Gwen Porter